7 Ways To Rank on Search Engines Using Our Simple Strategy

#1. Find a topic

rank on search engines

Find popular subtopics. These could include the most popular subtopics that resonate with your audience in a click. When you sneak into several discussion forums and eavesdrop on their discussions, you are most likely going to identify the real problems they are experiencing. That will really be a great place to start your content because it is a real need that you identified.

#2. Create a plan

rank on search engines

You will definitely agree with me when I emphasize the common saying which goes: “he who fails to plan, is planning to fail”, right? Likewise, when creating your content, if you plan it in an organized way, you will definitely see results. Planning could be as simple as writing out a whole series of emails or contents which you will be sending out in an upcoming month and making sure you follow up with your schedule accordingly. But planning and managing content activities require constant monitoring and split-testing in order to find out which content performs better than the other. That is exactly where professional tools like SEMrush Content Platform help you become more organized while getting you maximal results.

#3. Write an article

rank on search engines

When you write quality, user-friendly, and search-engine-optimized content, you can be sure that your website’s visibility and volume of traffic will greatly be skyrocket. In addition, every search engine out there loves fresh content, so why don’t you create a plan of writing at least 2 unique articles on your website weekly?

#4. Optimize it

rank on search engines

After writing your article, you want to optimize it with the correct SEO, so that search engines will have no choice but to reward you accordingly. Did you know that the SEMrush Content Platform is the right tool to help with your Content optimization of new or existing texts such that is no longer a time-consuming struggle?

#5. Analyze Mentions

rank on search engines

When you optime your contents, it is a very good practice for you to analyze all the sources where your brand is mentioned so that you can be monitoring the mentions accordingly. Another thing you could do with SEMrush Content Platform is to monitor the most effective PR channels for content distribution and analyze your or your competitors’ brand presence.

#6. Measure the impact of your rank on search engines

rank on search engines

One of the mistakes most publishers make is that they don’t measure the impact that their content has made out there. And whoever is not measuring the impact of his hard work in the post-tracking, is really leaving money on the table.

#7. Revise and improve

rank on search engines

The final thing you want to do is to revisit and improve upon your content based on the level of impact you’ve measured earlier. When you do analytics on a regular basis, it presents you with the opportunity to understand what works better for your target audience and you can even select the most effective approach to achieve your goals.

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