Online Resources

online resources

After going through lots of ups and downs searching through the internet to help me earn money online, I finally came across some certain online resources that have helped me in spelling-out my success over some time now.

… And I feel keeping those online resources to myself will do me no good; hence, I decided to list them down for you to also attain heights of greatness. They include:


Are you tired of sending and responding to thousands of e-mails on daily basis? Or are you looking for a smart way to manage the e-mail section of your industry? Aweber is the best solution for you, where you can try their service for 30 days at just $1, and can cancel your subscription anytime. Aweber happens to be the best auto-responder service, as reviewed online. Try Aweber Now With Just $1



 Also looking for the best way to receive money over the internet? I highly recommend Payoneer. They are an international Mastercard provider. The card it provides looks exactly like your ATM Card. All you have to do to get yourself one is to visit their website and sign up. It’s absolutely FREE and the card would be delivered to your address, regardless of your location across the globe within 30 to 40 days. Payoneer will then issue you a virtual US bank account which you can use to receive direct deposit from US corporations like PayPal, CreateSpace, Amazon and Apple. And the interesting part it that you can use the card to withdraw you cash at any Mastercard enabled ATM machine, worldwide.


Explore Yourself Challenge:

I believe God has endowed each of us with unique qualities, skills, abilities, talents, innovations, etc. Yet, we all rush helter-skelter seeking for jobs that might not even give us the joy we deserve. Hence, I am of the opinion that we need to explore those qualities in us, and use create an industry around them. That’s why I introduced ‘Explore Yourself Challenge‘. It’s a FREE 7-day e-mail course that will help you discover your skills, talents, potentials, and abilities, and how you could create an industry around them… Enroll yourself HERE.


Design a Professional Logo For Your Website/Product Online 100% FREE:

I’ve discovered that several websites deceive users by initially adding the word ‘FREE’ to their advert, not until the user finishes designing the logo, then s/he is asked to ‘PAY’ before downloading it. After carrying out lots of research on where I can FREELY design a logo, I finally came across an exceptional website that keeps to their word and provide free online resources for designing a unique logo. Check them out HERE.


      How To Earn Money Online From Your Skills (Free e-book):

Have you also discovered the swift increment in the number of unemployed graduates and exceptional certificate holders? Have you also been waiting for the so-called ‘White-collared jobs’? This whole phenomenon prompts me to ask, why won’t you just explore your talents & natural abilities, then, earn a living from them? Why don’t you find out those things you know how to do best, that people commend you for? Do your friends always commend your voice, meals, hairstyle, dressing, attitude, ideas, etc? Are you good in graphics design, photographing, tailoring, interior and exterior decorations, mentoring, teaching, encouraging or advising others? This Free 42-paged e-book will show you how to break-off from your financial bondage. GRAB YOUR FREE COPY HERE. 


·         Looking For a Reliable Website Hosting Company?          

Over the years I’ve been an internet marketer, I kept coming across various web-hosting companies whose prices and services greatly differ. Nevertheless, I discovered one of an outstanding quality of services, that’s why I highly recommend Siteground. Feel free to visit Siteground and explore their services HERE.


I hope the above resources will go a long way to help you attain the success you deserve, as you travel the path to greatness. 

Are there any other online resources you feel I can add to this list, or any suggestions you have regarding the above resources, feel free to drop them in the comment box below so I can hear your opinion.


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