5 Things You Didn’t Know About Affiliate Marketing

#1. A lot of “gurus” have been lying to you:

Affiliate Marketing
How often have you seen “gurus” out there displaying luxurious cars, houses, hotels etc? Some of them even sell their “crappy courses” that promise instant affiliate marketing results to you… And after you fall for the trap & purchase, you suddenly discover that you’ve wasted your money on something that is not worth it? I am not saying all the “gurus” out there are liars!

I am only reminding you that a lot of them are able to afford the “fake lifestyle” because they prey on newbies who are seeking instant results, then sell “crappy courses” that don’t teach you anything. So, I highly recommend that you shouldn’t always go after the “SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME” because you’ll lose a lot of money. Instead of chasing after every “guru” out there, test-run various strategies and stick to the one that works.

#2. Affiliate Marketing requires patience & consistency:

Affiliate Marketing
Several times, I have come across newbie marketers who jump from one affiliate program to another and expecting to begin earning commissions instantly like the “gurus” show off on their websites… And they end up concluding that the affiliate network is a scam… They forget that success always requires patience & consistency. Listen! You can never get rich overnight! So, I highly recommend you stop fixing your gaze on instant success… Instead, I want you to remember that by being patient and consistent, sooner or later, you will begin to see results.

#3. Results are not typical:

Affiliate Marketing
Don’t think that because you subjected your affiliate link to the exact same procedure another affiliate did, you MUST get the same exact results! Listen! Every marketer out there is unique, so do not expect that his exact strategies will always give you the same results he got.

Remember, several factors come into play in making affiliate sales… These could range from individual targeting demographics; to country & state laws; to financial capacity for paid ads; or even the mindset of the affiliate himself.

So, when next you grab an affiliate link, remember that individual affiliates’ results will always vary. Don’t (even for a second,) think that you must also get the same results as affiliates A or B out there. As a matter of fact, your uniqueness might end up giving you an edge ahead of others such that you will make way more sales and conversions than they did.

#4. Imperfect action is far better than an un-implemented strategy that is 100% perfect.

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It doesn’t matter how long you have been strategizing, If you don’t implement your ideas, you will never get any results. The fact always remains that the “ACTION TAKERS ARE THE MONEY MAKERS”, so unless you take action, your perfectly planned idea will add nothing to your bank account!

#5. Having an email list gets you 500x return instead of linking directly to offers:

Affiliate Marketing
After spending a huge amount of time, energy, and resources to find quality & targeted traffic and sending it to their offer, a lot of marketers get little or no conversions at all. This is simply because they continually make the same mistake of sending the traffic directly to the offer while forgetting the fact that there is a far better and effective strategy they missed out. It’s simple! If only they add a lead capture page between the traffic and their offer, they could always make more money from that email list.

Have you ever asked yourself why the saying goes, “THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST“? The truth is, when you build your list, that audience becomes personalized and familiar with you, so at any time you wish (especially if you have been adding value to them), you can present your offer (affiliate links, products, etc.) to them and you can repeat this a million times over. Now that you have discovered how to get 500x returns in your affiliate marketing journey, why don’t you begin building your list today?

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